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Temporary Staffing

Temporary Staffing

“HRP has been a lifesaver for our turnaround times during staff turnover; access to consultant expertise and insights have been extremely helpful when onboarding new staff.”

Research Integrity Manager for a Specialty Hospital

The HRP Consulting Group offers temporary staffing for a variety of positions, ranging from front-line staff to top leadership positions. We understand that these roles are typically difficult to backfill due to the expertise involved, and we are committed to providing high caliber experts in a timely manner. Everyone on our team comes from research compliance, management and leadership positions at institutions and research centers, and we fully understand whatever predicament you’re currently facing. Let our greatest assets at HRP Consulting be yours too.

Here are some of the situations in which HRP was able to help:

  • Managing absences related to maternity/paternity leave
  • Managing other forms of extended absences/leave
  • Facilitating growing programs
  • Staffing newly established IRB’s/IACUC’s
  • Helping backlogged IRB’s/IACUC’s catch up

HRP can provide both short and long-term temporary staffing. We are happy to fill positions for as little as a few months and as long as several years (and anywhere in between)!

Recent Placements

IRB Reliance – Land Grant University

IRB Staff – Large Private Research University

HRPP Director – R1 University

IACUC Administrator – Academic Hospital