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AAHRPP Accreditation Services

AAHRPP Accreditation Services

“HRP Consulting Group helped us obtain our very first AAHRPP Accreditation and have continued to work with us for all re-accreditations. They are an essential partner in this process.”

Director, Human Research Protection Office and IRBs, R1 University

Service Overview

The AAHRPP Accreditation process is lengthy and involved. It requires months of preparation and engagement with AAHRPP for both initial accreditation (12-18 months) or re-accreditation (6 months). 

The HRP Consulting Group provides a custom approach to accreditation process support that acknowledges each HRPP program’s unique needs for resources, advice and process management. Our firm has supported institutions with their accreditation needs since 2009.

Our clients enjoy a smoother, more efficient process that typically results in few to none observations that require follow up – without the need to pull resources away from day-to day operations.

PHASE I: Program Evaluation or Gap Analysis

For initial accreditation

A program evaluation of your Human Research Protections Program (HRPP) is recommended and consists of a review of materials, interviews and observation of an IRB meeting.  Program evaluations can be conducted in-person or remotely.  

For re-accreditation

HRP recommends a gap analysis which will include a detailed review of existing written materials against the current version of the AAHRPP Evaluation Instrument and the identification of potential gaps that may need to be addressed before submission of your Step 1 application. 

PHASE II: Prepare and Submit Step 1 Application

HRP can assist you in identifying and resolving any gaps that may need to be addressed to meet AAHRPP standards and with preparing the Step 1 application.

PHASE III: Respond to Step 1 Report; Prepare Step 2 Application

Respond to Step 1 Report

Review AAHRPP’s Step 1 feedback and assist with making any necessary changes and responding to AAHRPP.   We can assist with communications with AAHRPP to clarify or resolve feedback.

Prepare Step 2 Application

Once revisions are accepted by AAHRPP, HRP can assist with the preparation of the Step 2 application.

PHASE IV: Prepare for AAHRPP Site Visit and Respond to Site Visit Report 

Prepare for AAHRPP Site Visit

Conduct interview preparation sessions for the HRPP stakeholders who are likely to be interviewed by AAHRPP.  In addition, we review a sampling of records consistent with those that AAHRPP will review as part of the AAHRPP site visit.  

Respond to Site Visit Report

Attend site visit exit interview to hear the feedback directly from the site visitors so that we can help you proactively begin to address the findings in anticipation of the draft site visit report.  We then assist with any changes required in the draft site visit report and with the development of your written response and supporting materials.

As needed:

HRP can assist with any additional actions needed after the AAHRPP Council Review. 

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