Temporary Staffing

Whether you’re short staffed, just starting up an IRB, or need to supplement the expertise of your current staff or IRB, HRP Consulting Group can assist you with daily operations utilizing our expert staff and robust network of associates. We offer quick, common sense, and effective solutions, such as:

  • Providing IRB staff support using our network of experienced IRB professionals, from front line staff to higher level management, both on and off-site.
  • Providing temporary IRB Chairs, members or consulting reviewers.
  • Providing training and mentoring to support your IRB members or staff while they gain knowledge and experience.

Our professionals have extensive hands-on experience with both social behavioral and biomedical research and have worked with most commercially available IRB software platforms.

For more information about how we can help, please contact us at (347) 862-9321 or by email at info@thehrpconsultinggroup.com.