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Human Research Protection Program (HRPP)

Human Research Protection Program (HRPP)

“Engaging HRP was one of the best decisions we could have made for our program. Their expert assessment, combined with the efforts of their dedicated and professional staff, helped bring our HRPP to the next level.” 

Research Compliance Director for a Land Grant University

Ensuring the protection of human subjects in research.

The core concept of a HRPP is to engage all stakeholders in ensuring the protection of human subjects in research. With increasing reliance on external IRBs, a highly functioning HRPP has become even more essential to ensure that organizations fulfill their responsibilities to oversee research, protect local subjects, and support regulatory compliance and best practices.

HRP Consulting can provide expert assistance with practically any aspect of HRPP evaluation, development, or management, including the following:

  • Program Evaluation
  • Process Assessments/Mapping
  • Establishing or Refining a HRPP
  • Accreditation Support
  • Policies and Procedures, associated materials
  • IRB Evaluation and Support
  • IRB or Investigator Audits
  • Training and Education
  • Interactions with or Responding to Federal Agencies
  • Temporary Staff
  • On-call guidance and support