On July 1, 2022, OHRP posted a draft guidance document for public comment entitled “Use of a Single Institutional Review Board for Cooperative Research.” The draft guidance will be open for public comment until August 30, 2022.

The recently posted draft guidance provides further detail on the 2018 Requirements (45 CFR 46.114(b)(1)) for the use of a single IRB in cooperative (multisite) research projects. Topics addressed in the draft guidance include clarification on when an institution must rely on a single IRB, exceptions to the single IRB requirement pursuant to 45 CFR 46.114(b)(2), the process of determining which IRB will be the IRB of record for a specific project, and whether a single IRB can be used for projects not required to follow the 2018 Requirements.

In addition, the draft guidance explores whether a local IRB can conduct a review in addition to the single IRB review, documentation requirements for single IRB review, and an analysis of best practices & responsibilities of the reviewing IRB in a single IRB review.

The full draft guidance document can be found at Use of a Single Institutional Review Board for Cooperative Research | HHS.gov.