HRP Services

Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC)

HRP Consulting can also provide expert assistance with practically any aspect of IBC development, operations and management, including the following:

  • Setting Up an IBC
  • Development of IBC Policies, Procedures, Forms and Checklists
  • Development of Information for Principal Investigators on:
    • the preparation submission of rDNA and biohazard protocols
    • documentation of researcher training (hands on practices and techniques)
  • Development of Bio-Safety Procedures
    • procedures for treating research-related biological wastes
    • biosafety inspections
  • IBC Process Evaluation and Enhancement
  • IBC Self-Assessment and Compliance Evaluations
  • Training and Education on:
    • Dual Use Research of Concern
    • Federal Toxin Due Diligence
    • Blood Bourne Pathogens
  • Providing Temporary IBC Members
  • Providing Temporary IBC Staff