Development Of A Robust Human Research Protection Program (HRPP)

The core concept of a HRPP is to engage all stakeholders in the oversight and protection of human subjects.  This involves (1) institutional commitment in the form of policies establishing authority of the HRPP and IRB and allocation of sufficient resources to ensure adequate oversight and training, (2) core functions including IRB, research training and education, and quality assurance activities, and (3) engagement of the research community including investigators and subjects.  A functional HRPP includes coordination of key functions, communication among components, and feedback loops to facilitate effective oversight and best practices in research.  With an increasing trend towards external IRB reliance, a highly functioning HRPP has become even more essential to ensure that organizations have the resources, information, and tools necessary to fulfill their responsibilities to oversee research, ensure appropriate protection of local subjects, and support regulatory compliance and best practices.

HRP has extensive experience in helping organizations start-up or refine HRPPs; including the development of systems, processes, and policies to facilitate oversight of research, ensure communication and coordination with internal and external stakeholders, and support initial and ongoing training and education for all constituencies with responsibilities for the protection of human subjects.

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