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Do You Know What “HRP” Really Stands For?

by | Sep 4, 2017

One question we at HRP Consulting Group are often asked is, “what does the ‘HRP’ stand for?” A good educated guess might lead one to the conclusion that it stands for “Human Research Protections” since the HRP Consulting Group has generally been associated with helping IRBs. However that’s not who we are.

The HRP Consulting Group has a much broader scope as we and our network of Associates, have multiple decades of experience in almost all facets of research and research ethics. Helping Research Professionals (HRP) is who we are! Our organization is capable of assisting in more than just IRBs. If it relates to research ethics, including IACUCs, Biosafety, RCR and Misconduct, and Research Administration, you can count on us to lend you a helping hand.

Please share our URL with others in your organization(s) that could benefit from another source for objective ethical insight, unbiased honest opinions, and helpful tips. Helping Research Professionals Consulting Group will deliver.