Many people, when faced with the task of cleaning out their garage, open the door, look at all of the mess, close the door and decide to do it another time. What does this have to do with accreditation? When some institutions consider accreditation, they believe that they are not ready because their human research protection program needs a lot of work before it is capable of meeting AHRPP standards. So, they put off considering accreditation for another time.

Getting back to the messy garage – if, instead of closing the door, one starts in the corner and begins cleaning, before you know it, the garage is clean. So it is with accreditation. Instead of thinking you are not ready and deferring accreditation, if you commit to becoming accredited and begin to systematically evaluate your program according to the AAHRPP standards, by the time you have completed the process, you are ready to apply to AAHRPP.

Don’t close the door on accreditation, commit and start with an evaluation of your program. You will find that you are closer than you think and have an accreditable human research protection program before you know it.