AAHRPP accreditation is a time sensitive and deadline driven process. And, nothing can derail an organization’s accreditation efforts easier than a failure to provide AAHRPP with official documents in accordance with accreditation procedures.  

Just last week, an HRP client reported that  two weeks after being informed that they had moved to Step Two of the accreditation process, they still had not received official documentation from AAHRPP notifying them of next steps or of their deadline for submitting the Step Two application. Sensing the peculiarity of this, they contacted AAHRPP only to find out that an official email was sent to their organizational official, but was unseen because it went into a spam folder.

Luckily, the organization still had plenty of time to submit the Step Two application without consequence to their accreditation efforts, but the story still demonstrates the importance of closely tracking and complying with AAHRPP’s deadlines.  If you are considering accreditation or are currently engaged in the process, make sure that you work closely with your AAHRPP Accreditation Director so that you are fully informed about any items that you are awaiting or must provide to AAHRPP. For instance, knowing that you must finalize your AAHRPP site visit agenda no later than seven days prior to your site visit or that you only have 30 days to respond to an AAHRPP Draft Site Visit Report can make the difference between receiving accreditation in March versus achieving accreditation in June. And, when in doubt, always contact the AAHRPP office for more information. In our experience, they are always available to help.