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NIH’s Final Policy on Single Institutional Review Boards Has Widespread Implications for Research Institutions

The NIH has released its final policy on the use of central IRBs for multi-site research. Starting May 2017, in […]

VoICE:  Valid Informed Consent Education Program

How do we ensure that the signature on the document represents a truly informed study participant? Verifying individuals are able […]

What Are Research Risks?

Given the recent controversy of the SUPPORT study and the upcoming HHS Public Meeting on risks of standard of care […]

Flexibility Coalition

The Flexibility Coalition consists of institutions from across the nation who have achieved a more flexible approach to increasingly burdensome […]

“What is really going on out there?” The Value of a QA/QI Program

A result of the new rational about human research protections that has taken place over the past decade is an […]